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The Stanley Law Group was founded upon a promise between a mother and son. In 1989, after his father passed away and less than a month after he had graduated from Hampden-Sydney College, Bill Stanley returned home to attend law school at the District of Columbia School of Law, a dream his father had for him. But Bill knew that it was also his mother’s childhood dream to become a lawyer. He encouraged his mom to fulfill her life-long dream, and made her this promise: If she would go to law school, he would leave whatever firm he was working for at the time and start a law practice with her. After much convincing, Diane Stanley went to law school at the George Mason School of Law, and in 1998, at the age of 58, she became a Virginia attorney. True to his promise to her, Bill Stanley left the large Arlington Virginia firm he was working at and created a law firm with his mother. They practice together to this very day. Since 1998, the Stanley Law Group has been successfully representing clients throughout the Commonwealth of Virginia, and like the principles that the firm was founded upon, the hopes and dreams of each and every client of the firm are the only priority, and every client is treated like family.

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We want our experts to put the needs of our clients first. To do this, we find out about their situations, the options they have, and the problems they face.

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Because we know a lot about a lot of different things, we are ready and willing to give our clients solutions that are both useful and affordable.

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We bring together people with the ideal mix of domain and industry expertise because we believe that collaboration is more effective than individual action.

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